Emma Carson on Malibu Pier

I met the lovely and talented dancer Emma Carson through a mutual friend and we got to talking about dance and photography. We decided to get together and go shoot something fun. "Bring your pointe shoes" I said, as I'd been wanting to capture a dancer on pointe for some time now.

Emma was staying at her Aunts amazing Tuscan style house above the PCH in Malibu. I met her there and it was a race to find a location quickly as the sun was already starting to set. Those dang early winter LA sunsets. I spotted the pier and pulled over.

Once that California sun sets, it's so cold. Emma was a champion. Not even the hispanic workers and their wandering eyes and muffled comments as they passed by phased her. Rather amused me though :)

Emma Carson Malibu-16.jpg
Emma Carson Malibu-14.jpg
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